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The Seemingly Harmless Phrase That Doesn't Belong In Your Dating Profile
Mastering the art of creating a dating profile involves a lot of effort and curation and experts have a long list of dos and a longer list of don’ts. But of all the don'ts that come with putting together your dating profile, there's one in particular that seems completely innocuous, but it might be turning people off.
Recently the phrase “good vibes only” has been popping up on dating apps as a way for someone to signify they are seeking a cozy relationship void of the stuff that can bring a relationship down. However, this phrase perpetuates toxic positivity and should be left out of your profile.
Too much positivity can limit someone else's difficult experiences all while making yourself look emotionally unavailable. It also suggests that you’re only into having a good time set to bail when things get too real. Everyone likes positive energy, so you don't need to state the obvious, especially in a way that's alienating.