Beautiful long brown hair with blonde highlights and curl
The Low-Key Difference Between Babylights And Highlights
Typically done from the roots of the hair all the way to the tips for a visible contrast between the two colors, highlights blend nicely on a wide range of colors and do not require bleaching the entire head of hair. Unlike an all-around bleach, highlights add depth and dimension to your natural or base color.
Babylights provide a faint glow and an overall brightening appearance without the requirement for root-to-tip bleaching, making them more subtle than highlights. Little portions of hair are strategically chosen, focusing on the hairline, natural parting, and ends, and lightly bleached to achieve a natural, sun-bleached effect.
Pros & Cons
Both babylights and highlights are a great way to brighten up dark hair by taking a few strands of hair and bleaching them lightly with a foil technique. Regular highlights are more prominent and cover longer strands, whereas babylights are meant to blend into your natural hair color, which means they are thinner and more sparse.
What’s The Better Option?
For people with fine hair, babylights might be a good option as they don't require too much bleaching and don't require a visit to the salon every couple of months. Highlights are more noticeable and require more commitment, but may provide a greater payback for those prepared to visit the salon on a regular basis for upkeep.