a woman wearing a ponytail
The 'Jawline Rule' Will Change The Way You Do Your Hair
Luckily for anyone who struggles to determine where to put their ponytail, the jawline rule will help prevent you from making your ponytail look too high or too low for your face.
The idea is to use your jawline as a guideline and then style the ponytail so that it conforms to your jaw's natural line, rather than going against the shape of your jaw.
Hairstylist Mahogany Grace told PureWow, "Following the jawline should bring your pony slightly above the occipital bone — that positioning is ideal for a softer more playful look."
This hack works best for those with long hair, so if you have medium-length or short hair, be sure to check that your hair is long enough before attempting.
In addition to the jawline rule, only use a reliable hair tie for your ponytail, and make sure you don't tie your ponytail too tight or too loose.