Young woman showing her success after losing weight by holding out the waistline of her old jeans now double her size
The Hack That Turns Too-Big Pants Into A Proper-Fitting Statement Piece
The most "technical" way to fix loose pants is to take in the waist. If you have the sewing equipment and talent to pull that off, kudos to you. For those of you who aren't as skilled with a needle and thread, you still have plenty of options.
If your pants have a button closure, you can keep them fully buttoned and just fold down the waist, but depending on your pant’s style, they may look bulkier than you want. Alternatively, you can leave the top button undone and then fold down the waist, thus giving a slightly lower-rise fashion statement.
Another way to fix big pants is by wearing a belt or a skinny scarf for a unique style. If you want the effect of pants that have been taken in, use one or two safety pins on the inside of your waist, or if you have sewing skills, hem the legs so the pants fit better by sitting lower on your waist.