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The Four Types Of Introversion Explained
Social Introversion
Social introverts prefer being in small groups or alone, and they feel most comfortable with a select group of people. They aren’t necessarily shy, as they can be very open with people they are close to, but they prioritize their alone time in order to recharge.
Thinking Introversion
A thinking introvert is very introspective, thoughtful, and self-reflective, often lost in their imaginations and thoughts about the world. Thinking introverts may appear to be lost in thought, and while they might be quiet, they usually have profound things to say.
Anxious Introversion
Social anxiety plays a huge role in anxious introversion, which is characterized by feeling anxiety around others. These people seek solitude if they feel uneasy or nervous at social gatherings, and may even feel anxious when they’re alone.
Restrained Introversion
Restrained introverts appear guarded when they meet new people and tend to err on the side of caution rather than act on impulse. It's not that they dislike social interactions or aren't friendly; they are just careful with how they respond and react.