Close up of a hazel eye with long lashes
The Eyeliner Colors That Best Enhance Hazel Eyes
If you want to make your eyes pop, there are certain colored eyeliners that will bring out your eye color perfectly. Hazel actually has a lot of options because of the versatility this eye color comes with since it’s technically considered to be a mix of green and brown, but can include gold, grey, and even blue.
There is probably a strong presence of earth tones in hazel eyes, so it’s a no-brainer to try shades of green, brown, and gold. The best part is that you can play with lighter looks to make your eyes look larger or try something bolder to bring out the color of your eyes.
For a bolder statement, ground your hazel eyes with rich shades like hunter's green, bronze, or chocolate. If you want to add contrast to your look, those with irises closer to green should opt for red-purple hues like wine and cranberry while those that feature blues, grays, and ashen browns should try mauve or lavender.