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The Easy Way To Embrace The Hygge Lifestyle With Your Clothing
Make Everything Comfy
When living the hygge lifestyle, people focus on what feels good on them and not what others think about their looks. This often means super oversized clothing like roomy tops and wide-leg pants made of comfortable fabrics like cotton and knit.
Wearable Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets are helpful for conditions such as ADHD, autism, sleep disorders, and anxiety, and now they’re wearable! Many who follow the hygge lifestyle choose a wearable weighted blanket, like the Weighted Fleece Therahoodie, to keep cozy all day long.
Always Have A Top Layer
Being cold is usually not very comfortable, so stay warm with a top layer. Whether it be a cardigan, shawl, or even a robe, think of your top layer as a mini, cozy blanket — wrapping yourself up in that extra layer will keep you feeling warm and secure.
Prioritize Comfy Accessories
Lands' End explains that in the hygge lifestyle, anything can have a place in your wardrobe as long as it brings you comfort. In winter, this can mean large chunky scarves, thick wool socks, and knitted beanies; when it gets warmer, try soft headbands, slip-on shoes, and cute bralettes.
Go For Neutral Colors
Where bright colors and patterns are fun for a while, over time, they can become overwhelming and bring anxiety. Neutral colors are often used in the hygge lifestyle, both for clothing and home décor, because they invoke a sense of calm and comfort.