portrait of a tanned, wet girl with sequins
The Easiest Ways To Remove Glitter Everywhere Once And For All
Apply some Vaseline or aloe vera gel to the skin where the glitter will be applied; this will allow you to wear the makeup all day and serve as a slippery barrier when it's time to clean up. The best way to wash glitter off your face is with hot water in a shower, using coconut oil if needed, and applying tape to pick up the leftovers.
The easiest way to remove glitter from hair is to use oil — coconut is recommended — and after dispersing it from the roots to the ends, shampoo everything out after 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can try the hairspray method by spraying a paper towel with the product and running it over your hair, which will gently pick up glitter specks.
Apply a layer of topcoat over your glitter manicure, as this will stick to the old glitter polish and slide off with the nail polish remover. Then, while the topcoat is still wet, simply wipe off the polish with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover—acetone may work better—and buff away any leftover stray flecks of glitter.
If you notice glitter on your clothes after doing your makeup, you can wipe it off with a fresh lint roller sheet or a hand vacuum. After you get home, spray all the glittery areas with hairspray and wait for it to dry before washing and drying normally; this works well because it sticks to the glitter, dislodging it from your clothing.