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The Dating App Question You Should Probably Ask Before Meeting IRL
Online dating can be both exciting and daunting because you are meeting potential partners virtually first. After speaking to a person for a little while, the natural next step would be to meet them in person, but there are certain questions you should be asking before that meetup.
Sara Tick, a licensed therapist and men’s dating coach, says you’ll want to ask your potential partner how they would spend a full day if they could indulge in anything and everything. A question like this opens up a conversation and it might give you a glimpse at what they truly enjoy and what is important to them.
To determine if you really want to meet this person in real life, you should keep the conversation going and keep asking questions, but keep it casual because it’s not an interview. You should be asking them questions about their everyday lives because you’ll be able to see if your lifestyles match and if you’re compatible.