Young graceful woman with stylish makeup looks into the camera. She stands in the bright sunbeam and touches her face tenderly. Girl wears golden jewelry with emeralds.
The Classic French Manicure Has A Multi-Dimensional New Remix
The French manicure debuted in 1975, and there are plenty of variations that people have worn aside from the classic pinkish-nude base polish and white polish on nail tips. Jeff Pink, a Hollywood beauty supplier, created this manicure to save time and create a classic and feminine manicure that models can wear on the runway.
One popular variation of the French manicure is an ombré French nail. Instagram nail artist, @reallyhotgirl, shows how to create an ombré French nail, which is done by using two different shades of nail polish on each side of the nail, blurring the colors in the center, and then, as a final touch, reversing the division of colors at the tip.
Orly Beauty’s guide on how to achieve this new remixed French mani at home is very helpful, but some basic pointers to keep in mind are painting your dominant hand first and minimizing smudges by working from your pinkie to your thumb. If there is a smudge, fix it as soon as possible.