Chinese zodiac wheel with the animals and years to chart your astrology
The Chinese Zodiac: How To Determine Your Sign (& What It Means)
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Your Chinese zodiac isn’t measured on a monthly basis like the Western zodiac, but on a yearly basis instead where the cycle goes through twelve animals. You can figure out what your sign is by entering your birth date into an online calculator.
Resourceful Rat
The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac because it was the first animal to win the race in the mythical tale. It is a lucky sign to have, and those who are born under this sign have a quick wit, and intelligence, and they know how to figure things out.
Giving Ox
The ox could have come first in the tale, but was tricked by the rat. Those born under this sign are hard workers and are very loyal to those they work for and are close with; they are stubborn, but will always step up when it comes to responsibilities and those in need.
Powerful Tiger
Tigers are caring and seek justice — making them excellent teachers, parents, and even reasonable leaders. They will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and choose to spend time with family.
Kind Rabbit
Those born under the rabbit are always alert and aware but are also pretty family oriented. It might take time for someone to gain your trust, but when they do, your kindness will shine through.