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The Best Tips For Navigating An Age Gap
In Your Relationship
Don’t Deny The Difference
If the age difference is a big one, as in decades apart, it's important to address that. If one partner is 30 and the other is 60, you two may only have a decade or so before the physical and mental decline begins which could force the younger partner into a caregiver role.
Prepare For Judgement
“Humans are judgmental,” explained associate professor of behavioral science Grace Lordan before adding, "Women who match with younger men [...] suffer the most judgment." People frown upon anything that goes against the norm and age gaps disrupt the evolutionary belief that ages should be similar so one can procreate.
Ignore Naysayers
You already know your age gap is going to ruffle some feathers, so the best thing you can do is ignore the noise. While that won’t prevent people from accusing you or your partner of having daddy or mommy issues, research has debunked that theory, so feel free to pass their findings along to any naysayer.
Be Realistic
Aside from the very real caregiver possibility a large age gap could also mean that having children is an unrealistic option. No one wants to think about these logistics when they're in love, but you will improve the chances of longevity in your relationship if you confront these issues head-on.
You Do You
Two things to keep in mind: there is no "correct" amount of years and who you choose to love is no one's business but your own. As research psychologist Dr. Sarah E. Hill explains, "If everyone involved feels happy, loved, safe, and able to communicate well, there is no need to treat this relationship any differently than any other."