Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in one of her classic looks from Sex and the City
The Best Sex And The City Looks Of All Time
Blue Plaid Strapless Dress
The devil’s in the details with Charlotte's sweet yet sexy look. It remains a timeless classic, preppy with a heavy dash of romantic, feminine flair.
Carrie's Eccentric Ensemble
This look is peak Carrie, a modernized version of a traditional silhouette with bold pops of color and contrasting fabric textures that work together.
Summer Gingham
Samantha’s red gingham ensemble balances nostalgic charm and flirtatious allure, blending girlish whimsy with confident femininity in a playful and cute manner.
Slip Dress
Carrie’s versatile white slip dress effortlessly transitions from casual chic to elegant, exuding both feminine romance and understated sensual appeal.
Office Look
Miranda’s fun '80s throwback look combines professionalism and eccentricity while delivering powerful feminine energy with a playful hint of masculinity.