Woman taking a birth control pill as her form of contraception
The Answer Once And For All: Is It Safe To Skip Your Period With Birth Control?
Birth Control Pills
Most combined estrogen and progestin pills are sold in 21-day or 28-day packets, with seven inactive pills in the latter that you can throw away to delay your period for up to three weeks. However, if you have not already been using hormonal birth control, you must give yourself a couple of weeks to get started on the pills.
Usually, you take a NuvaRing out after three weeks and wait a week before putting a new one in, but if you want to skip your period, you can replace the old ring immediately after three weeks. This method can increase the risk of blood clots, so discuss it with your doctor first to be safe.
Mirena, Liletta, Kyleena, and Skyla are the most common types of hormonal IUDs offered in the U.S. and OBGYN Dr. Lisa Dabney states that "The Mirena IUD works even better than pills to reduce overall bleeding."However, Planned Parenthood points out some risks of this form of birth control, such as ectopic pregnancy and infection.
DPMA Injections
Although DMPA is generally safe and effective, it has been linked with side effects such as acne breakout, weight gain, headache, alopecia, and abdominal bloating. If you want to try this method, consult your healthcare professional first to see if you're a good candidate for it.