Red dragon fruit sliced and smoothie juice in a glass on wooden table
Surprising Ways To Use Dragon Fruit For Better Skin
Dragon fruit fans love that the fruit imparts an instant measure of mystery, sophistication, and worldliness. This fuchsia fruit is full of surprises, and one of the most astonishing things about it is how beneficial it is for the health of your skin.
Dragon fruit contains vitamin C — a mainstay ingredient in many anti-aging eye creams. This antioxidant can improve the production of collagen, which keeps the skin (and especially the sensitive undereye area) better hydrated and plumper, and plump skin is often more resistant to forming fine lines and wrinkles.
The Good Stuff Botanicals blog goes so far as to put it on par with sunscreen as it blunts UV damage to the skin. But if sun damage does occur, dragon fruit can treat sunburn and moisturize the skin all while rejuvenating skin cells.