back view of woman with cloth in hand cleaning wooden door of cabinet at kitchen with dark furniture
Spring Cleaning 101: Don't Miss These Commonly Forgotten Lifestyle Tasks
Makeup Brushes
Makeup brushes can become loaded with bacteria and buildup if you don’t clean them, especially if you use them daily. To clean your brush, wet the bristles with lukewarm water, add a small amount of dish soap, rub the brush on your palm in circular motions, rinse, and set it out to dry.
De-Gunk Hairbrush
Just clearing your hair off your brush doesn’t count as cleaning it, but you can clean your (and your pets') brushes simultaneously. Just soak the bristles in a gentle soap or shampoo for 10-20 minutes before using a toothbrush or your fingers to remove the gunk.
Declutter Your Phone
Decluttering your phone isn’t a usual spring cleaning task, but it absolutely should be. Start by deleting apps and messages threads you don’t need anymore, organize your photos into folders, and start going through any app notifications you may have.
Free Up Your Computer
Don’t stop with your phone when it comes to a digital declutter — your computer needs cleaning too. Run a virus scan, browse your desktop, document, and download files, and delete everything you definitely know you won't need again to help your computer run faster.
Throw Pillows & Blankets
When it’s time to clean your throw pillows and blankets, check their care instructions first. If they are machine washable, this process will be pretty easy; otherwise, you may need to just wash their covers, or give them a gentle sponge bath with some upholstery shampoo.