A woman looking at her phone in front of a white background
So, You've Been Left On Read. Here's How To React
Have Some Patience
Although a read receipt confirms that a digital message has been opened, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been read. There are many reasons someone may not answer immediately, but don’t overload your mind with the possibilities; just wait longer before thinking about potential reasons for the delay.
Try To Stay Positive
Patience goes hand in hand with optimism; keeping this in mind will give you peace while you wait, even when you begin to consider other possibilities. After all, how many times have you opened a message and then gotten immediately distracted by something else before reading the entire message?
Take A Phone Break
If you’re struggling to stay positive and patient, try to physically separate yourself from your phone (and social media) for a while to provide a mental separation. Being away from your phone is also a great way to force you to be patient and mentally healthily detach from mobile technology.
Distract Yourself
Find an activity you enjoy to fill your time — even going someplace you’ve never been or doing something you’ve never done may also help keep your mind off the unanswered message. The goal is to be so enveloped in the activity that you will completely forget the message, at least temporarily.
Consider The Risks
If you still haven’t received a reply, attempting to break the silence and get some answers by sending another message may be very tempting. Before you do so, ask yourself if you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the worst-case scenario if you send another text, and if the answer is yes, you can try sending another message.