Woman with a concerned look on her face examines her skin in the mirror
Skin Lacking Bounce? Here Are 4 Reasons Why (& How To Fix Them)
Dehydration occurs when the skin lacks water and will cause skin aging. The skin condition can arise because of climate change, smoking, not drinking enough water, and an unhealthy diet, but you can treat it with water-based creams and serums that contain hyaluronic acid.
Environmental Factors
Prolonged sun exposure and pollution can lead to wrinkles, pigmentation, decreased elasticity, and unbalanced skin texture. To combat these effects add skincare products that include sun protection factor (SPF) and an antioxidant serum to your skincare routine.
Low Collagen & Elastin
Collagen improves skin elasticity and helps maintain hydration, but poor diet, aging, and smoking can all lead to a decrease in your body’s collagen production. Consider taking collagen supplements, and switching to a nutrient-dense diet with animal proteins and antioxidant-rich foods will promote collagen and elastin production.
Dry Skin
Dryness occurs when the skin fails to produce enough sebum, which normally protects the skin's outermost layer from the external environment that can strip the skin of moisture. If your skin needs a pick-me-up, return to the basics of skincare: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.