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Simple At-Home Tricks For Lymphatic Drainage
Dry Brushing
Using a brush with rough bristles and dry brushing your body opens pores, gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes sweating. You should start at your extremities and work your way towards the heart with the brush, according to L'Officiel.
Drainage Massage
To perform a lymphatic drainage massage, lightly apply pressure in long, steady strokes; direct your motions towards your internal organs so the toxins can be filtered out. If you feel your muscles, you’re likely using too much pressure.
Gua Sha
Gua sha and jade facial rollers are techniques used in ancient Chinese massages; the technique of dragging a smooth stone tool along the face helps with circulation and a healthy lymphatic system. Use a facial oil and apply tender pressure in repeated motions.
Legs Up
The simple yoga pose of elevating your legs up against a wall improves circulation so blood can flow back toward the heart and be reoxygenated. This position calms the body and is great for lymphatic drainage.
Drinking plenty of water prevents swelling and water retention. If you struggle to drink a lot of water, get a cute, large water bottle and bring it everywhere with you; add ice, lemon, and cucumber to make drinking water more enticing.