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Should You Be Washing Your Hair Scrunchies?
Scrunchies aren’t just a nice accessory for your hair, but they’re a great alternative to elastic when it comes to keeping your hair in place. Elastics are easy to lose and actually damage your hair over time, so scrunchies are the natural alternative, but it’s important to maintain them.
Scrunchies, like clothes, pick up dirt and oil, so they need to be washed, but how often you wash them depends on how many times you wear them. It also depends on what you’re doing while wearing them, so looking at that, you should either wash them once a week or once a month.
Washing them is pretty simple because you can put them in the washing machine and dryer, or you can wash them by hand. If you’re going to use the washing machine, make sure you have a lingerie bag to avoid losing any scrunchies; you can toss the bag into the dryer once the washing is done.