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Sculpted Cheekbones Are Just A Simple Concealer Hack Away
Contouring products have been dominating makeup routines for a few years now because of their ability to create the appearance of hollow cheekbones, button noses, and sharp jawlines. TikTok creator and makeup artist Alexandra Milek, however, shows a way to use just concealer to visibly lift the face without all the other products.
Milek demonstrates the commonly known way to apply concealer and how it contrasts with her new method. Instead of focusing a large amount of product directly under the eye, she hits four key spots: the inner corner, along the top of the cheekbone, by the side of the nose, and from the corner of the lips to under the cheekbone.
By using a lighter color, instead of a darker one like you would with typical contour products, you draw the highlighted spots forwards, like the cheekbones, as well as conceal darkness under the eyes. To achieve this look effortlessly, try using a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.