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Scripting: What's The Secret Behind The Viral Manifestation Trend?
In recent years, self-development gurus have been all about the concept of manifestation to bring about change and achieve your goals. Now, a new form of manifestation called "scripting" is gaining attention for its unique approach to this process.
Unlike typical manifestation, scripting leverages the idea that your goals have already been achieved. It is built on a concept known as The Law of Assumption, which, essentially, is a spiritual way to embrace faking it 'til you make it.
To begin your scripting journey, write a narrative on paper of your dreams and expectations. Write down your manifestations in the past or present tense, rather than future tense, because psychologically, this leaves room for procrastination.
People who vividly describe their desired outcome are up to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish their goals. For instance, writing “I wake up every morning in our mountain house surrounded by trees and feel the breeze through the window” will motivate you to achieve that dream.
Mental determination is one thing, but emotions provide the necessary kickstart to turn goals into action and set your plans in motion. So when you're ready to start scripting to manifest your new reality, let your heart describe your future.