a woman with long, red, permed hair with tons of volume at the root
Root Perms: What Are They And Who Are They For?
To achieve a full-blown, voluminous mane that bounces in rhythm as you move, you typically need to follow a long detailed hair care routine. However, if you want to jump out of bed with a Victoria’s Secret-worthy bounce, root perms are a great option, so here’s everything you need to know about them.
Root Perm
Hairstylist Elena Diaz says, “The key to keeping flat hair at bay is by focusing on lifting the roots,” so if you want more volume, a root perm is the way to go. A root perm involves using a chemical solution and perm rods to make long-term changes to your hair’s texture.
Going To The Salon
A root perm salon procedure takes a little over an hour and includes multiple chemical treatments applied to your hair before and after its wound onto perm rods. You will notice a visible lift immediately, just take care not to let your hair get wet or sweaty for 48 hours following the treatment.
Types Of Root Perms
There are many different types of perms available, so discuss which type is best for your hair goals with your hairdresser. A digital perm will create natural soft curls (or a pronounced wave on more resistant hair) while a volumizing or beach wave perm is better for body or bounce.
How Long Do They Last
Depending on the perm you choose, how fast your hair grows, and how well you take care of it, a perm can last anywhere from two to 10 months. It's also worth pointing out that root perms look best on short or shoulder-length hair as longer hair tends to weigh down the curls created by the perm.