Cartoon drawing of a man and woman standing back to back on their phones
Real Talk: Is It Ever Cool To Read Your Partner's Messages?
Questioning Trust
Bringing fears into your relationship when your partner hasn't given you a reason to doubt them can damage the relationship. If you notice that they're acting differently, it could make you question their intentions; however, instead of checking their phone the second you feel something’s off, you talk to your partner about their behavior.
Past Lies
If you’ve been lied to or cheated on in a past relationship then you might bring that into your new relationship even if your current partner is completely trustworthy. Checking their socials for loyalty shows them you don’t trust them and it can jeopardize your relationship.
Communication Issues
Communication is essential in any relationship because you need to talk to your partner about how you feel. If you don’t communicate, resentment can begin to grow and cause you to come up with conclusions leading you to check your partner’s messages.