Girl's hands with delicate purple manicure and hydrangea flowers.
Purple Nails Are The Perfect Hue For Your Summer Manicures
Plain holographic purple nails are eye-catching in the sunlight and are stunning on their own, but for extra decoration, pair them with an angled French tip.
Polka Dots
Adding some polka dots to your purple nails lends a touch of approachability. You could even do them in another shade of purple if you want to keep your aura mysterious.
Oil Slicks
If you’re someone who’s intent on maintaining witchy vibes year-round, an oil-slick purple is a good color choice. It’s sleek, shiny, and very reflective.
Flecks Of Glitter
A glittery purple polish is the way to go if you want to bring more fairytale essence to your nails. Use larger flecks for some extra allure and mysticism.
Purple is a great base for any celestial manicure. A dark purple flawlessly captures the night sky, while a medium shade topped with a gold moon gives a brighter look.