Young smiling woman opening a present in her home while looking at her small fluffy puppy
Outdated Bridal Shower Traditions You Should Honestly Just Skip
Opening Gifts
Not only is opening presents in front of everyone a semi-awkward affair, but it also brings the bridal shower to a screeching halt. Brides who still need or want gifts but hate the thought of opening them in front of people can still create a registry and open the gifts at home with their partner afterward.
Ribbon Rehearsal Bouquet
At a traditional bridal shower, the maid of honor makes a bouquet-like creation out of the ribbons from the bride’s presents as a symbol of friendship from the guests at the shower. However, if you don’t want to open gifts at the shower, feel free to skip this tradition.
Cheesy Bridal Shower Games
Bridal shower games can be fun, but they can also be really, really cheesy and uncomfortable, and most modern brides despise the idea of being embarrassed by weird games. Instead, opt for spending quality time with your guests by engaging in good conversation and activities that are meaningful to you.
Toilet Paper Dress
The toilet paper dress competition, which is exactly what it sounds like, is thought by many brides to be one of the strangest activities to ever be forced upon a group of relative strangers. Theoretically, this tradition is a fun way to get creative, but it makes a ton of waste, so no one will blame you for removing it from the itinerary.
Making Bridal Party Host
Traditionally, bridal showers were hosted by a member of the bridal party in lieu of the bride’s family members to avoid the impression that they were asking for gifts on her behalf. These outdated expectations have faded over time, and now anyone, including the bride, can host the bridal shower if they want to.