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Our Top Tips On How To Get Stronger And Healthier Nails
Eat A Balanced Diet
One way to improve nail health is by consuming the recommended dietary allowance of protein. While meat is the best source of protein, you can also find it in foods like quinoa and nuts. You’ll also want to Incorporate foods high in vitamin A, leafy greens, and omega-3 fatty acids.
Take A Supplement
If you’re lacking in nutrients, consider taking supplements like biotin and collagen; biotin supports the thickness and firmness of nails and is found in foods like eggs and legumes. Collagen improves the appearance of nails, reduces breakage, and promotes faster growth.
Stay Hydrated
Fingernails need water so they don’t become dry and brittle, and without moisture, they can split and peel. Always stay hydrated and drink water regularly so your nails do not suffer over time.
Leave Nails Natural
Take a break from nail polish, acrylics, and dip powders because these products often contain harmful chemicals that may damage your nails. Using polish regularly can keep your nails from breathing properly; if you must use something, a base strengthener is a good alternative.
Trim Nails Short
Exposing your nails to trauma, like catching your nail edge on something, can lead to an endless cycle of breakage. Keeping your nails short will make them less prone to breakage, and short nails are easier to clean as dirt and grime won’t get stuck under them.