Woman poses against a white wall in a black, dressy jumpsuit
Our Guide To Casual Backyard Wedding Guest Attire
Do Wear: A Maxi Dress
An ankle-length dress is a perfect choice for a backyard wedding, beach wedding, and many other outdoor events. You can opt for short sleeves, long sleeves, spaghetti straps, halter style, strapless, or off-the-shoulder sleeves, so there’s a style for every preference.
Don’t Wear: An Evening Gown
You might want to rock a beautiful ballgown, but a backyard wedding is not the place for it. Ballgowns are usually made with satin, silk, or chiffon while many casual dresses are made with cotton blends, so leave your evening gowns at home.
Do Wear: A Skater Dress
The skater dress was inspired by the dresses worn by figure skaters and is a dress style that features a fitted look above the waist and an A-line, flared look below the waist. Skater dresses can have sleeves of varying lengths and styles, or be sleeveless.
Don’t Wear: Jeans
Jeans have always been considered casual clothes, especially if they have any type of fade or holes to them, so it goes without saying that they aren’t wedding-appropriate. One of the few exceptions would be if the bride specifically says it’s okay.
Do Wear: A Dressy Jumpsuit
A casual backyard wedding doesn’t require a dress unless the bride requests it, so you can try a wide-legged jumpsuit. There are many styles like those with pockets and fabric tie belts, and there are even some that feature a two-piece style.