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Our Complete Guide To Cleaning And Recharging
Your Crystals
Cleansing Crystals
Healing crystals hold vibrations and absorb energy, which is why it's essential to cleanse them regularly to prevent residual energy build-up. The crystals used most often require extra attention since they hold more energy, and it's recommended to cleanse them once a month or more frequently if necessary.
The Senses
For visualization, the best way is to sit it down in an undisturbed location and conduct a quiet meditation session. If you’re looking to cleanse a large number of crystals at once, the use of sound is better as the vibrations will break down negative energy.
Using nature is a great way to cleanse crystals, such as leaving them outside under a full moon or burying them in dirt for a week. Salt and brown rice can also be used to absorb negative energy by immersing the crystal in a bowl of them overnight.
Just as people use smoke to clear negative energy out of our bodies, you can also use it to remove bad vibrations from crystals with a fireproof bowl or shell. State your intention, light your bundle of sage, then smudge the room to clear negative energies, and make sure the smoke touches the crystal.
Stones & Crystals
Selenite and clear quartz have self-cleansing energy making them perfect for cleansing. To cleanse, put your crystals in a bowl, dish, or plate made of selenite, or place them in a soft, scratch-free bag with clear quartz overnight.