Natal chart with nodes used in astrology
Nodes In Astrology May Be The Key To Connecting With Our Past Lives
What Is A Lunar Node?
Luna nodes are points on a natal chart that work together to represent where you're coming from and where you're going on your life's journey. Astrologically, each node's placement has its own significance that can span from distant past lives' unhealed wounds to this life's lessons to your karmic mission in the future.
Find Your Node Placements
Your natal chart is divided into 12 sections, each with symbols, numeric degrees, and lines depicting angles. Scan your chart for a horseshoe that represents the north node and then look directly across the wheel for the same symbol, but upside down to find your south node.
North Node
Your north node will lead you to fulfill your energetic soul’s mission here on Earth. For instance, if your north node is in Taurus, your future lessons and soul’s mission are centered around emotional stability, trust, comfort, and openness.