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Myths To Stop Believing About Summer Oily Skincare
1. You Need Matte Products
For those with acne-prone skin, matte foundations may seem ideal, but they can actually worsen skin issues by drying out the skin and causing excess oil production.
Instead, during the summer, it's recommended to use moisturizing formulas and opt for tinted moisturizers to protect the skin from drying out and excessive sweating.
2. The More Powder, The Better
Limit powder makeup, including powder foundations, setting powders, and powder blushes, as they can dry out the skin and stimulate oil production.
They can also irritate sensitive skin due to the talc content. Instead, opt for light, hydrating formulas and choose talc-free powders when necessary.
3. Cleanse Your Face Throughout The Day
Too much cleansing can lead to raw, sensitive skin that produces more breakouts. Regardless of the season, wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and evening.
Wearing too many products can cause greasy skin. Instead of heavy makeup, wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF and a cream blush, and use blotting paper when necessary.
4. It’s Fine To Skip SPF
Never skip SPF because being protected against sun damage is more important than preventing acne. Look for lightweight sunscreens that are oil-free and alcohol-free.