Statue of Themis holding the scales of justice
Libra: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Zodiac Sign
Libra Traits
Balance is everything to a Libra because they want the best of all worlds in any situation. Libras are rarely confrontational because they desire fairness, so it also makes them compassionate and want to connect with someone on a deeper level.
Libra Health
As an air sign, Libra is ruled by the kidneys and lower back, which means it’s possible to develop issues like kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and back pain. Because the Libra is so intuitive and sensitive to others, they are highly stimulated, leaving them overwhelmed, tired, and anxious.
Libra Symbol
The woman often depicted holding the scales of justice is the goddess Themis, who is known to be the “daughter of heaven.” She was the result of a connection between earth and sky — a balance between the two — and lived up to that in every way throughout her life.
Careers & Libras
Libras are naturally drawn to careers that appeal to their emotions. They would be perfect in positions of the arts, event planners, life coaches, and human resources managers because they can show their emotional side while also working their hardest.
Libra Fears
Even though they don't mind their solo time, one of Libra's primary fears is loneliness, but as long as their relationships bring some sense of balance and order to their world. Another fear is when things go off balance because it can cause distress to a Libra.