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Is There Really A Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?
While there are good and bad sides to everyone, some people believe that certain zodiac signs can be more dangerous than others. In June 2021, Archive Today posted an article titled “Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs According to FBI (A Complete Guide),” listing Cancer as the most dangerous sign, but this study was proven to be false.
Per a study done by astrologist Kreena Desai in November 2022, the most common dangerous sign is Capricorn, with Cancer nowhere near the top. The study consisted of 488 serial killers, with 55 of them falling under the sign of Capricorn, 46 under Leo, and 43 under Scorpio.
When you look at the most notorious serial killers, Samuel Little was a Gemini, Ted Bundy a Sagittarius, Luis Garavito an Aquarius, and Jeffery Dahmer a Gemini. With all things considered, the fact is that there will always be good and bad people of all types, and that there is actually no one zodiac sign that is the most dangerous.