Young lonely woman walking along a railway track, on the background of an industrial city, despair and depression portrait,  in dramatic and anti-utopia style
Inside The Dystopian Fashion Looks Trending For 2023
Neutral and Dark Tones
Darker tones can help convey your mood, but they also serve as a natural camouflage. Dark and neutrals show the toughness and bravery that a dystopian future might demand, so don’t be afraid to try camo patterns and dark tones.
Subvert Seasonal Expectations
To send a message about climate change with your outfit, try wearing opposite ensembles for the seasons. Some fashionistas have taken to wearing skimpier outfits in the winter and bundling up for the summer, going against seasonal expectations.
Instead of buying new clothes, when your old favorites rip, sew them up or attach patches. The more imperfect your handiwork, the better, because you’ll be achieving the look while avoiding contributing to clothes waste and production pollution.
Layers and Contrast
The apocalypse won’t allow time for careful outfit planning, so you have every excuse to try out funky layers or contrasting pieces. Clashing outfits represent a carefree rebellion as it shows that you don’t care about expectations with basic styles.
What You Have
Achieve this look with what you already have in your wardrobe. With an emphasis on reuse and thrifted styles, any item will do, so you can repurpose any old piece and embrace the aesthetic of living in a post-online shopping world.