How To Use A Bobby Pin To Simply Apply Eyeliner
If your go-to eye makeup includes a touch of eyeliner, then you might be interested in finding an eyeliner hack that makes the application as easy as possible. This technique comes from Nafia Khan, or @docnafiakhan as she’s known on TikTok, who recently took to the platform with a tutorial on how to apply eyeliner with a bobby pin.
First, take the bobby pin and open it up, then take the flat end and apply a little liquid liner to the small bulb that sits at the tip of the bobby pin. Gently place the tip on the inner corner of your eye, pull it out slightly while drawing a line, and quickly lift it when you reach the end to leave a fine point before repeating the process on the outer corner of your eye.
If that technique doesn’t work for you, Nafia Khan offers another one: apply liner on the curve of a slightly open bobby pin, and use it to draw on your wings or cat-eye flicks. Finally, TikTok user Maliayosuf has an even simpler method — apply liner to the V part of a fresh bobby pin and press it to the outer corner of your eye, then fill in the space to create a cat-eye look.