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How To Style Your Pashmina Scarf For A Timeless Look
A pashmina scarf is a timeless accessory and they help you layer like a pro. They originated in Kashmir, India, and are made from the fleece of Changthangi goats; a cashmere pashmina scarf from J. Crew goes for $148, but you can find dupes on Amazon for under $20.
Style the scarf as a wrap by draping the pashmina over your shoulders like a shawl and you can either leave it loose or tie the ends in a knot. You can also wear it in a waterfall style by following the tutorial on
Wear the scarf in an Italian knot by folding the scarf in half, “And again. And again. Now fold in half widthways and loop around the neck. Pass both fringed ends through the loop and gently adjust.” A pashmina makes a great option as a top; to style it, drape the scarf over one shoulder and pull it down to cover your chest before tying it at the other shoulder like a halter top.