Portrait of blond girl wearing sunglasses and brown sweater. Shot in studio on yellow background.
How To Keep Your Sunglasses Clean All Summer Long
Avoid Salt
Don’t wear sunglasses in the ocean because saltwater residue and physical crystals are abrasive and will scratch the lenses.
Prolonged exposure to pool ingredients like chlorine can wear down lens coatings. If your sunglasses have an anti-reflective coating, they shouldn’t come with you in the pool.
Shirt Hem
While wiping away grime with an article of clothing may seem like a convenient option, it will only be costly in the end.
Clothing is filled with dust and debris, as are beach towels and napkins. When you rub it against your glasses, you can unearth these small, abrasive materials and cause damage.
It’s crucial to rinse your glasses under lukewarm water, not hot water. This will remove any grime and eliminate soapy residue or streaks.
Dish soap is a popular choice to clean your shades since it effectively removes sweat and skin oils from the lenses and nose pads.
Use a very small amount, just a single drop on each lens. Use your fingers to gently rub the soap around the lenses and the frame.
Clean Regularly
Don’t wait too long to clean your glasses, because the previous grime pieces will have had time to settle, leading to lasting damage.
Cleaning your glasses routinely will ensure they always sparkle. Clean them as part of a routine that goes alongside your existing summer activities, like cleaning your bikinis.