Woman meditating on cushion.
How To Indulge In Micro-Meditations
Micro-meditations are short meditation techniques that can be used to bring your mind and body back into the present moment and reset your nervous system within minutes.
1. Box Breathing
Box breathing, or square breathing, is an exercise that requires mindfully breathing in for four counts, holding your breath for four counts, and then exhaling for four counts.
Try breathing from your diaphragm since belly breathing promotes a more complete exchange of oxygen, which can have a beneficial effect on key bodily functions.
2. EFT Tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping is based on acupressure, and involves using your fingertips to tap on pressure points along the body's energy meridian.
An EFT session includes tapping seven times each on the crown, forehead, brow, outer eye, under-eye, upper lip, chin, collarbone, hand, and underarm while you repeat affirmations.
3. Candle Breathing
Candle breathing, aka straw or pinwheel breathing, is a somatic breathwork technique that helps reset your nervous system while strengthening your connection to
your body.
To candle breathe, inhale deeply through your nose before gently holding your breath for a moment, then exhale through pursed lips as if you were blowing out a candle.
4. Intuitive Movement
Intuitive movement is precisely what it sounds like — moving your body intuitively. You simply tune in to your body and move in whichever way comes to mind without second-guessing.
You can begin by setting a timer for just two or three minutes of movement and then adjust until you find the amount of time that feels right. Just let your intuition take over!