Lip infection with the herpes simplex virus
How To Hide A Cold Sore Using Makeup
Cold sores are not only unappealing to the eye but they most likely really hurt. A cold sore is a product of the herpes simplex virus and it can be spread through kissing, infected utensils, towels, and even used makeup.
A cold sore starts out as an itch or tingle that becomes a red blister, and eventually, the blister will burst and form into a scab. First, treat the cold sore, then, makeup artist Ashley Stewart says, “You want to make sure it is dried out, then you can add a little bit of foundation or concealer to mute it out, followed by using a satin or gloss lip color on top.”
Stewart adds, “The worst thing you can do is wear a matte finish lip color over a cold sore,” because it’ll make your lips look dry and cakey. Another makeup artist suggests using a heavy concealer; use a small amount of concealer that matches your skin tone, then add powder, follow up with a yellow-based concealer, and lastly, dust with powder.