Silhouette of a angry woman and man on each other.
How To Handle No Longer Being Attracted To Your Partner
1. Try To Get Back To Basics
Rekindling the connection with your partner requires effort and a shift in focus toward the basics, like spending more time together and prioritizing the relationship.
Focus on what attracted you to them in the past. You may also want to take time to get to know them again so you can nurture the existing attraction and bring back the spark.
2. More Physical Contact
In long-term relationships, it's common to neglect the physical connection. Physical contact and attraction are connected, especially if it’s one of your
love languages.
Show your partner that you care about them with simple gestures, like kissing, hand-holding, or massages. This extra effort can make all the difference when reconnecting.
3. Break Out Of Your Routine
It’s easy for couples to fall into a routine, but following the same patterns and not prioritizing each other could lead to dissatisfaction, so try to add variety to your day.
4. Be Honest And Communicate Clearly
Effective communication is vital in maintaining a healthy relationship, as openly expressing one's feelings can prevent resentment and foster
positive change.
If you're experiencing a disconnect, address the issue respectfully and sensitively with your partner, avoiding blame and destructive behaviors while choosing your battles wisely.
5. Go On Date Nights And Be Present
When life becomes routine, couples can lose their connection and attraction. To reignite the spark, prioritize quality time together and go on dates to help you feel closer.
Try to bring back the initial feelings you had when you first started dating. Recreating past experiences and remembering what initially attracted you to your partner can help.