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How To Get The Perfect Glow With Light-Reflecting Concealer
One major beauty trend making seeing a rise in popularity is light-reflecting concealer. This product will cover up fine lines or wrinkles while brightening up the shadows which cause dark circles. It will also reflect light out, giving you the glowy look you seek.
If you are worried about not getting the coverage you want, you can layer a light-reflecting and full-coverage concealer to get that glow but retain the coverage. Use the concealer to lightly dab on your high points to give you that uniform all-around glow or place it anywhere you want to add extra glow.
Unlike regular concealer, light-reflecting concealer can be used on top of foundation or other concealers seamlessly since it acts almost like a highlighter. Take a chance and highlight areas that tend to be forgotten with regular concealers such as above the lips and all around the eyes, instead of just underneath them.