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How To Effectively Handle A Breakup During The Holidays
Keep Busy
Rather than isolating yourself and allowing thoughts about your failed relationship to consume you, try to focus on filling up your calendar with activities that bring you joy instead. Setting daily goals you can incorporate into your routine, like doing 10 minutes of yoga or hitting 10,000 steps, will also be beneficial to your physical and mental health.
Embrace A Festive Mood
As founder of Acora Therapy, Gillian Fagan explains, "When we get excited about [...] the perfect gift, finding the party outfit, imagining other people's reactions, we release dopamine." By really stepping into the festive spirit, you're actually triggering a deeper psychological response than you realize.
Prioritize Self-Care
It’s easy to let sadness get the best of you after a breakup is actually the best time to ramp up your pampering and self-care routine. Go to the movies or book a spa day, but make sure to avoid a "breakup haircut" until your most emotional days are over.
Keep Perspective
As painful as a breakup is, putting your life into perspective and focusing on appreciation and gratitude can help you through this difficult transition. As clinical psychologist Nathan Greene explains, "Gratitude can come in the experience of not having, too, in reflecting on what we did have in the past and what we hope to have in the future."
Focus on Friends & Family
It can be painful to ditch the plans you made with your partner, but planning new activities with your favorite people can be very healing. According to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, discussing problems with friends and family acts as therapeutic relief and can decrease the likelihood of turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms.