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How To
Deal With Dating Burnout
Dating burnout can “mimic symptoms of clinical depression” according to dating behavior specialist Rachel MacLynn. Being out and about, trying to find love but continuing to feel like you haven’t is incredibly exhausting, and it’s common to feel burnout by this endless cycle.
No matter how much you want to find “the one” and settle down, if you’re feeling burnout from the search, put your health first and take a break; dating when you’re stressed will not do you or your partner any good. Although it may be scary to take a break from from dating, it will benefit you positively because you’ll gain a healthier outlook on dating.
Once you’ve taken a proper break and are feeling positive to return to your search, director of Relationship Science says, “be patients and keep in mind that some of the best connections come from a slow burn rather than ‘the spark.’” Be mindful how you approach dating after the break to alleviate stress; keep in mind dating is supposed to be fun, so enjoy yourself.