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How To Cope With Emotional Flooding In Your Relationship
Joree Rose, LMFT, told SheKnows: “Emotional flooding is the experience of being overwhelmed when strong emotions take over…When we get flooded, emotion can overtake.”
This can trigger the body’s fight or flight response, leading you to lash out and make impulsive decisions. Here’s how you can handle emotional flooding in a healthy way.
Identify what is happening and how it makes you feel. Rose told SheKnows to “name what is arising, whether it’s to yourself, or the person you’re closest with.”
Don’t lie to your partner about what you feel or try to hide it. If you see signs of emotional flooding in your partner, share how you feel about what you see and ask how to help.
Distract Yourself
When experiencing emotional flooding, resist the urge to dwell and find ways to cool off instead of escalating the situation, like taking a walk outside.
To help distract your brain, listen to music or a podcast. Stepping back from an argument with emotional flooding should involve distractions that are good for your mind.
Don’t Get Physical
Emotional flooding is no excuse for domestic violence. If you get the urge to hurt your partner, you may not be in the right mental state for a relationship.
If your partner ever threatens to hurt you, leave them and don’t stay even if they ask for forgiveness. Don’t let a partner gaslight you about physical violence.