Bra on Clothesline
How Many Days Is Too Many To Wear A Bra Before Washing It?
The amount of time you should wait between washing your bra varies because of your daily activities. Sweat is one of the main reasons you want to wash your bra, but there are so many other things your bra comes in contact with.
The general consensus is that you should be washing your bra every two or three wears because of bacteria, growth of yeast, acne, oils, irritation, and fungus. These are all things that can happen when bras are in contact with your skin for too long through sweat or even lotions you use on your body.
Washing your bra after every wear isn't going to hurt it, but don't forget to give it some downtime in between, so it can rest up and maintain its shape. Bras aren't cheap, and you want to get as much time out of them as you can.