Young graceful woman with stylish makeup looks into the camera. She stands in the bright sunbeam and touches her face tenderly. Girl wears golden jewelry with emeralds.
How Does
A Leo Show
Love In Relationships?
One sign that knows how to crack open their heart space is Leo and they share love like no other. Their love is bold, courageous, and in your face. Leos are not afraid to express how they feel, and, in fact, they put everything on the table in hopes that you will return the favor.
Expect big demonstrations of love such as PDAs, a bouquet of roses sent to your desk at work to be admired by coworkers, and declarations of their feelings in front of friends and family. These lions need an expressive partner who can meet them on the stage of love and won't back down from flamboyant displays of affection.
A Leo friend or lover will constantly push you to be your authentic self, to speak from within, and make you feel good about yourself. Expect endless compliments, grand adventures, and a bit of showing off while in partnership with a Leo.
Rather than seeing their displays of love as performative, which we'll admit they can be, understand that Leo's purpose is to show others how great life can be. For them, life is a grand stage, and you are the stars.