The hairdresser paints the woman's hair in a dark color, apply the paint to her hair. Getting beauty procedures. Barber hair dye is applied with a brush
Here's How Often You Should Be Going To The Salon For Color Touch-Ups
However often you choose to get color touch-ups for your newly dyed hair depends on individual factors like hair routine, hair type, and your stylist’s advice.
While you can sometimes get away with stretching your appointment past the recommended date, don’t exceed eight weeks. This will save you money and allow your hair to recover.
Root touch-ups require standard hair dye and should be done every four to six weeks. If you wait too long, your roots will grow out and you’ll likely end up paying more.
For balayage or highlights, toners are used to maintain hair color and counteract unwanted tones. Depending on how well your hair holds toner, it will last two to three weeks.
How well your hair retains color depends on its porosity and health. Previously colored, more porous hair will hold color for less time than natural, undyed hair.
High porosity hair means cuticles are far apart, so it’s difficult to retain color. Damaged hair will lose color more quickly, so consider these things before the next touch-up.