A woman with long hair at a hair salon getting a haircut
Haircut Tips For Being Realistic While Still Getting The Vibe You Want
Face Shape
Think about which face shape you have, as various hair lengths work with specific shapes better than others. For instance, Hairstylist Edward Tricomi says, “A diamond style helps offset a square face,” and hairstylist Kee Taylor adds heart-shaped faces have “the perfect face for bangs.”
You should pay attention to how much maintenance the new haircut would entail, especially If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair every morning. While bags are cute and trendy, they require a lot of work and may need monthly trims, and short haircuts, like a pixie cut, also requires time and effort to maintain.
Be Specific
Good communication with your hairstylist is crucial for a successful haircut, and bringing a picture to show them exactly what you want is also very helpful. Teddi Cranford, the founder of White Rose Collective, says, “Your hair stylist will be able to incorporate the overall vibe and essence of that photo into your look.”