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Glazed Donut Skin Is Outdated, Here's What To Do Instead
The glazed donut look is all about dewy skin and shimmery, soft makeup. Now that fall is here, it's time to put that look to bed and opt for a more velvety, matte texture.
This involves putting away emollient moisturizers and swapping your highlighter for a more subtle sheen. That may mean tweaking your skincare routine and getting a new foundation.
Since fall colors tend to be muted, your foundation should match accordingly. Opt for a creamier, velvet finish and add a bit of highlighter on only one or two focal points.
To prevent your matte finish from looking too one-dimensional, the cloud skin trend is the perfect middle ground. Start by creating a sheen with moisturizer and a dewy foundation.
Next, using a large fluffy brush, apply translucent setting powder in circular motions all over your face. The finishing look should be a lit-from-within glow.
These days, matte makeup leaves skin looking smooth without any cakiness. Full-finish coverage means less concealer, and you can skip setting powder if your skin's a little dry.
To let your skin breathe, skip heavy foundations and opt for tinted moisturizer, instead. Powder foundations are also great, as they absorb oil while giving a hint of coverage.