A young couple sitting in awkward silence after an argument
'Fragilizing' In Your Relationships May Be Doing More Harm Than You Realize
“Fragilizing” is when you push down your opinions and desires in a relationship to avoid causing disappointment, and while this may seem selfless, it’s counterproductive. It can cause long-term problems (like anger and resentment) in all types of relationships, including those with friends, lovers, co-workers, and more.
Typically, people with anxiety engage in fragilizing behaviors because they constantly worry about what may or may not go wrong. However, instead of doing this to protect others, they do it to protect themselves from potential guilt trips or blowbacks.
The first step to fixing your fragilizing tendencies is to be more direct in conversations. It's critical to engage in healthy confrontation. As long as you clearly state your opinions and listen to the other person’s point of view without exhibiting defensive behaviors, any rational person should respond well to your honesty.